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The Best Toyota Luxury Cars, Part 6

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The Best Toyota Luxury Cars, Part 5

The Toyota Crown Athlete: Toyo's Heavy Cruiser on the Drift Track A lot of guys these days are looking to import a drift car from Japan. Some guys go for the "light stuff," like the classic Toyota Levin (AE86) that dances around the drift track. Some guys go for the...
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The Best Toyota Luxury Cars, Part 4

The Toyota Crown Majesta A clean used Toyota Crown Majesta from Japan gives such good value when you are looking to import a secondhand luxury car from Japan that we are going to give it its own post here in our blog series on the Best Toyota Luxury Cars. Let...
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The Best Toyota Luxury Cars, Part 3

The Car I Was Not Supposed To Have So I told you at the end of our previous post on the Best Toyota Luxury Cars to import from Japan here how one day the design team leader for my 1997 S150 series, fender mirror, Crown came over to me in...
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The Best Toyota Luxury Cars, Part 2

The Sweet Deals on Secondhand Crowns and What the Best Engines Are In our first post in this series on the best Toyota luxury cars to import from Japan we said that the best years are the two decades from, roughly, 1985 to, roughly, 2005. That's my personal take on...
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The Best Toyota Luxury Cars, Part 1

Stay in the '90s (or close) for the Best of Toyota's Luxury Iron to Import from Japan Today I've got some stories to tell you about my experience with Toyota luxury cars and about the feedback and info that some of my car fan friends here in Japan have shared...
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Suzuki Jimny (Part 3)

Looking Back So We Can See Forward In our previous two articles about the Suzuki Jimny light 4WD vehicle that we have posted here on our Japan Car Direct blog (you'll find them here and here) we talked about the early history of the Jimny, starting with the little Hope...
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Five More Fantastic Japan Domestic Market Vehicles, 15 Years Old in 2020

Five More Fantastic Japan Domestic Market Vehicles, 15 Years Old in 2020 2005 was a great year for new cars in the Japanese market and we covered four recommended models in part 1 of this series. In part 2, we introduce five more fantastic models that many Canadian enthusiasts will...
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European Supercars from Japan – Part 3

Why is the Porsche 911 so cool? What is it that gives this car its undeniable special charm? Do you have a rich uncle? How are the above three questions related? O.K. Let’s start. I do have a rich uncle. Built his business right from the bottom up, he did....
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European Supercars from Japan – Part 2

But what is a “supercar”? How would you define it? Is it, in fact, even possible to come up with a definition that all car lovers will agree with? I’m not sure, but let me give you my own boyhood definition of “supercar” and how I arrived at the definition....
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