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Import regulations for used and new cars from Japan to United Kingdom

Quick Reference: ・10 years or older easier to MOT ・ Weekly service to four ports and container service to additional ports ・Low customs brokerage fees ・Inner cargo shipped free

Vehicles must be imported thru a customs clearance agent on the UK side. We work with an excellent brokerage, and keep costs to a minimum.

Here is an example of the total cost involved in importing a car that has been won from auction:

Japan Side Costs

£3,700.00 winning bid
£175.00 delivery to port depending on distance
£750.00 freight to Southampton & Newcastle (£800.00 to Bristol)
£700.00 JCD fee
£5,325.00 = CIF

UK Side Costs
Winning Bid + Freight x 10% = Duty (e.g. £3,700.00 + £750.00= £4,450.00 x 10% =£445.00)
Winning Bid + Freight + Duty x 20% = VAT (e.g. £3,700.00 + £750.00 + £445.00 = £4,895.00 x 20% = £979.00)
Duty: £445.00
UK Customs Clearance: £165.00
£1,589.00 Total UK Customs Clearance Cost

Total Cost: £6914.00


Click here for more info on importing vehicles into the UK.

In addition to this, MOT and registration form the total to have an excellent piece of kit on the UK roads.

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