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Import regulations for used and new cars from Japan to United Kingdom

Quick Reference: ・10 years or older easier to MOT ・ Weekly service to four ports and container service to additional ports ・Low customs brokerage fees ・Inner cargo shipped free

Vehicles must be imported thru a customs clearance agent on the UK side. We work with an excellent brokerage, and keep costs to a minimum.

Here is an example of the total cost involved in importing a car that has been won from auction:

Japan Side Costs

£3,700.00 winning bid
£175.00 delivery to port depending on distance
£750.00 freight to Southampton & Newcastle (£800.00 to Bristol)
£700.00 JCD fee
£5,325.00 = CIF

UK Side Costs
Winning Bid + Freight x 10% = Duty (e.g. £3,700.00 + £750.00= £4,450.00 x 10% =£445.00)
Winning Bid + Freight + Duty x 20% = VAT (e.g. £3,700.00 + £750.00 + £445.00 = £4,895.00 x 20% = £979.00)
Duty: £445.00
UK Customs Clearance: £165.00
£1,589.00 Total UK Customs Clearance Cost

Total Cost: £6914.00


Click here for more info on importing vehicles into the UK.

In addition to this, MOT and registration form the total to have an excellent piece of kit on the UK roads.

We look forward to answering all of your questions and going forward to get you the best value for your money, and a fresh JDM ride.

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  • review rating 5  They've somehow made what was expected to be complicated, so simple. I got all the info I needed and imported my first JDM car without a single problem. Matthew was super fast to respond and always had an answer.

    thumb Elliott Riggen

    review rating 5  A must for exporting cars from Japan. I've exported various models with these guys now and they have been exactly how we wanted them with no underlying issues or surprises when they arrive. Very pleased and will continue to use these guys in the future!

    thumb Callum Underwood

    review rating 5  This was my first time importing a vehicle for my personal use and naturally I was leary about who to go through. After looking through a few other places and after getting in touch with a longtime customer of theirs I decided to try these guys out. I can say without a doubt I'm glad I did. They are definitely professional and know their craft when it comes to getting you your dream car. Everything from getting cars inspected and bidding was completely transparent and went smoothly. I couldn't be happier with the car I bought and I hope down the line I'll be able to purchase another using these guys!! Thanks for all you guys do!!!

    thumb Kevin Heidari
  • review rating 5  I have already purchased 3 cars from this company and have a 4th on the way. They are very nice, extremely helpful, and work around your budget. I worked with Yoshi. He is very nice and made me a lot more comfortable with the wire transfers (after purchasing the vehicle), because let’s be honest, it is nerve racking to send money to a foreign country and have to wait several weeks for your vehicle to arrive. However, everything has gone smoothly, and they make it very easy to import the car of your dreams. I will continue to go with Japan Car Direct for all my japan car needs 😀

    thumb Patrick Smolka

    review rating 5  Amazing people to work with. Answered any question I could think of and never left me hanging in during the entire process. I was always kept in the loop. Matt and his team are superb in every way. From picking my car out at auction to picking it up at port they were always there and now I have great little cappuccino to drive around now! I will be using them again to bring in another car in the near future that's for sure.

    thumb Allan Thomas
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