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Import regulations for used and new cars from Japan to New Zealand

Used or new cars exported from Japan to New Zealand can be shipped from any port in Japan i.e. Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, to all major Ports in New Zealand such as Auckland, Dunedin, Lyttelton, Napier, Tauranga, Wellington. In order for us to start shipping procedures of your vehicle, we require payment for the vehicle only. Vehicles exported to New Zealand can be shipped FOB and the freight charges paid upon the vehicle’s arrival.

Age Restriction
Due to changes in emission standards, as of January 1st, 2012, vehicles imported into New Zealand must have been manufactured from 2005, onward. Exceptions to that rule can be granted if the vehicle you are importing is a “special interest,” vehicle, over 20 years old, or if you are importing a car that has been registered in your name in Japan.

Special Interest Vehicles
To have a vehicle identified as a special interest vehicle, the NZ Transport Agency must deem it to have historic value or it must meet three of the following four requirements:

  • The vehicle (or its make, model and submodel) is identified as being a collector’s item in one of the following magazines or their respective websites – Australian classic car, Car and driver (US), Automobile (US), Motor (Australia), Motor trend (US), New Zealand autocar, New Zealand classic car, Road and track (US), Top gear (UK), Top gear NZ,Unique cars (Australia) or Wheels (Australia).
  • The vehicle’s make and model has been (or was) manufactured in annual volumes of 20,000 units or less.
  • The vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a two-door coupe or a convertible.
  • The vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a high-performance vehicle.

Emission Standards
The car or vehicle in question must meet emission and noise standards issued by the New Zealand government for vehicles of the same class. Detailed information about emission standards for used vehicles can be obtained on the home page of the New Zealand Transport Agency.

After sourcing a vehicle, the process is very simple:
Our partner Autohub operate and offer a complete package to handle all facets of export from Japan, and the import into NZ.

Service includes:
• Gate in survey and photos Japan
• MPI (Bio Hazard) Inspection and cleaning (No Steam Cleaning)
• NZTA Border Inspection
• Odometer Check
• Japan Port Service Charges
• Freight
• Baf (Bunker Fuel Surcharges)
• NZ Port Service Charges
• NZ Customs Clearances
• Tow off port to local compliance centre (We do not handle compliance itself)
• Full Insurance whilst in our care

The following prices are for vehicles under 20m3:

For Private importers:
Our new price is $1550 plus any GST applied if the vehicle is shipped to any of the main ports and delivered within the metropolitan area.
If delivery is out of the metropolitan areas, there will be extra transport charges applicable.

For Registered Motor Vehicle Traders:
Our new price is $1299 plus any GST applied if the vehicle is shipped to any of the main ports and delivered within the metropolitan area.
If delivery is out of the metropolitan areas, there will be extra transport charges applicable.
You must supply us with a genuine RMVT number to be applicable.
There is a restriction on the number of vehicles you can sell in New Zealand in a calendar year without being registered. Once you are registered, you will save circa $250.00 per vehicle so the cost to become a registered trader is balanced by the time you bring in your third vehicle.”

NZ Customs will charge GST on Car cost + Freight.
Autohub will charge GST on NZ Customs clearance, and local towing.
All GST will be charged on one Autohub Invoice.
You will be invoiced you 7-9 days before the vehicle arrives and we expect payment before the car arrives.

At the same time, you will have to register on our website.
NOTE: For a Delivery Address, please put your nearest/preferred Compliance centre as our transporters do not transport vehicles to residential addresses.
Once you have registered on the Autohub Website, and our Japan office have received a booking, we will take care of everything else.
Once the vehicle is delivered to your compliance centre or delivery address, you will need to comply and register the vehicle at your own cost.

More info about the Compliance Application for 17-digit VIN Numbers.

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