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Which Turbo Kei Cars can you import from Japan?
Import is easy and regulations are the same as their Kei truck cousins. However, duty is often lower as they are classified as passenger vehicles.

Australians can only import first-generation models produced before 1989. Americans can import first and second-generation models. Canadians can import first, second and third-generation models originally sold up to 2001. And lucky British customers can import any models sold up to 2006.

Each generation became larger and more powerful.
Each generation represents the response of carmakers to new Japanese government regulations increasing maximum allowable vehicle size and engine displacement.

Performance, size, weight and refinement generally increased over the years. But the biggest difference you will find over the generations are the amenities that make these cars some comfortable to drive.

First Generation

Make Model YearSuzuki AltoWorks CP21S 1988-1991 Honda Beat PP1 1991-1996Suzuki Cappucino EA11R 1991-1995Daihatsu Mira TR-XX L200V 1990-1991Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ H22A 1990-1993Daihatsu Leeza Spider L111SK 1991-1991
Length3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″
Width1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″
Height1.4m 4’6″1.2m 4’0″1.2m 4’0″1.4m 4’6″1.5m 4’9″1.35m 4’3″
Wheel Base2.3m 7’5″2.3m 7’5″2.3m 7’5″2.8m 9’1″2.3m 7’5″2.14m 7’1″
Ground Clearance14cm 5.5″13.5cm 5.3″13.5cm 5.3″16cm 6.3″15.5cm 6.1″16.5cm 6.4″
EngineMidEN07 Inline 3 DOHC Turbo Mid E07A Inline 3 SOHC TurboMid F6A Inline 3 DOHC TurboMid EF-XL Inline 3 SOHC TurboMid EF-SE Inline 3 SOHC TurboMid EF-JL Inline3 SOHC Turbo
Displacement (cc)657656657659657659
Horse Power (ps/rpm)64/650064/810064/650061/700064/700064/7500
Torque (kgm/rpm)8.7/40006.1/50008.7/40008.6/40009.8/35009.4/4000
Transmission (floor)AT3 MT5MT5MT5AT3 MT5AT3 MT5AT3 MT5
Weight690kg 1581lbs760kg 1675lbs700kg 1543lbs660kg 1454lbs660kg 1454lbs730kg 1608lbs
Turning Radius4.6m 15’0”4.6m 15’0”4.4m 14’4”4.5m 14’7”4.7m 15’4”4.5m 14’7”
Fuel Tank(liter/gallon)30 7.924 6.330 7.932 8.432 8.432 8.4
MPG/KPL39.2 MPG 16.7 KPL39.9 MPG 17 KPL41.4MPG 17.6 KPL41.4 MPG 17.6 KPL39.2 MPG 16.7 KPL38.6 MPG 16.4 KPL
Front SuspensionStrutStrutDouble wishboneStrutStrutStrut
Rear SuspensionIsolated Trailing LinkStrutDouble wishboneAxle Leaf Spring3 linkSemi Railing Arm
Brakes Front/RearDisk/ DrumDisk/DiscVDisk/DiscDrum/DrumDisk/DrumVDisk/Drum
Tires155/65R13F 155/65R 13 R 165/65R14165/65R14145/70R12165/60R12145R12-6PR

Second Generation

Make Model YearSuzuki Alto Works
CS22S 1991-1994
Suzuki Cappucino
EA21R 1995-1997
Daihatsu Mira
TR-XX E-L220S 1991-1994
Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ
H36A 1993-1996
Mazda Autozam AZ-1
Length3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8”
Width1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6”
Height1.4m 4’6″1.2m 4’0″1.4m 4’6″1.5m 4’9″1.2m 3”8”
Wheel Base2.3m 7’5″2.3m 7’5″2.3m 7’5″2.3m 7’5″2.2m 7’3”
Ground Clearance14cm 5″13.5cm 5.3″13cm 5.1″15cm 5.914cm 5.5”
EngineMid F6A Inline 3 DOHC TurboMid K6A Inline 3 DOHC TurboMid EF-JL Inline 3 SOHC TurboMid 4A30 Inline 4 SOHC TurboI3, DOHC 12v Turbo
Displacement (cc)657658659659657
Horse Power (ps/rpm)64/650064/650064/750064/700064 PS (47 kW) at 6500 rpm
Torque (kgm/rpm)8.7/400010.5/35009.4/40009.9/350085 N·m (63 lb·ft) at 4000 rpm
Transmission (floor)AT3 MT5AT3 MT5AT4 MT5AT4 MT55MT
Weight700kg 1540lbs690kg 1521lbs660kg 1454lbs780kg 1719lbs720 kg (1,587 lb)
Turning Radius4.6m 15’0”4.4m 14’4”4.0m 13’1”4.6m 15’0”4.7m
Fuel Tank(liter/gallon)30 7.930 7.930 7.934 9.030 7.9
MPG/KPL41.4 MPG 17.6 KPL47.6 MPG 20 KPL41.4 MPG 17.6 KPL37.6 MPG 16.0 KPL51.9 MPG 18.4 KPL
Front SuspensionStrutDouble wishboneStrutStrutStrut
Rear SuspensionIsolated Trailing LinkDouble wishbone5 Link5 LinkStrut
Brakes Front/RearDisk/ DiskVDisk/DiscDisk/DrumDisk/DiscDisk/Disk

Third Generation

Make Model YearSuzuki Alto Works CP21S 1994-1998Daihatsu Mira TR-XX L210S
Length3.3m 10’8″3.3m 10’8″
Width1.4m 4’6″1.4m 4’6″
Height1.4m 4’6″1.5m 4’9″
Wheel Base2.3m 7’5″2.3m 7’5″
Ground Clearance14.5cm 5.2″ 15.5cm 6.1″
Drive System4WD/FWD4WD/FWD
EngineMid K6A Inline 3 DOHC TurboMid EF-JL Inline 3 SOHC Turbo
Displacement (cc)658659
Horse Power (ps/rpm)64/650064/7500
Torque (kgm/rpm)8.7/40009.4/4000
Transmission (floor)AT3 MT5AT3 MT5
Weight710kg 1562lbs710kg 1562lbs
Turning Radius4.6m 15’0”4.6m 15’1”
Fuel Tank(liter/gallon)30 7.930 7.9
MPG/KPL45.6 MPG 19.4 KPL42.3 MPG 18.0 KP
Front SuspensionStrutStrut
Rear SuspensionIsolated Trailing Link5 Link
Brakes Front/RearDisk/ DiscV Disk/Drum

Note 1:Information on this page is correct to the best of our knowledge.
Note 2:Information on this page is subject to change without notice.

For more detailed information on any specific model please contact us.

Suzuki Alto Works 1988-2000

Suzuki Alto

Honda Beat 1991-1996

Honda Beat

Suzuki Cappuccino 1991-1997

Suzuki Cappucino

Daihatsu Mira TR-XX 1991-1998

Daihatsu Mira

Mitsubishi Minica Dangan ZZ 1989-1998

Mitusbishi Minica

Daihatsu Leeza Spider 1991

Daihatsu Leeza

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