1997 Toyota Century GZG50

England has Rolls, Germany has Benz and Japan has the V12 Toyota Century

Toyota Century GZG50_v200009

Toyota Century GZG50_v200008

Early V12 Century GZG50s are finally legal in the US

If you’re looking for an exclusive used luxury vehicle, you can’t get any more exclusive or luxurious than a JDM Toyota Century limousine – the choice of emperors, business magnates and Yakuza in Japan.

Used 25-year-old, second-generation models with V12 engines are now available at very affordable prices through Japanese car auctions. Contact the experts at Japan Car Direct for details.

No other Japanese luxury car compares

Japanese carmakers produce many great luxury vehicles including the Lexus LS, Nissan President and Toyota Crown. But none of these models compare with the handcrafted Toyota Century, which is specially designed to satisfy Japan’s most discriminating elite.

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Toyota Century GZG50_v200006

For a first-rate overview of the Toyota Century, read this excellent article, watch this excellent video, or enjoy a Japan Car Direct blog article that clearly conveys our respect for this extraordinary automobile.

Experience what Japanese consider ultimate luxury

The second-generation Century GZG50 (1997 – 2017) offers space and comfort rivaling the best European luxury cars. Interior styling is understated like the finest Japanese rooms and restaurants. But the closer you look, the more you’ll be impressed by the craftsmanship, innovation and advanced luxury features.

Toyota Century GZG50_v200005

Toyota Century GZG50_v200004

My first ride was amazingly smooth and quiet – a very welcome departure from my usual experience navigating the busy streets of Tokyo. Noise and vibration were nearly imperceptible and I couldn’t hear the engine until the driver pressed the pedal. After trying the built-in masseuse, I decided the Toyota Century was for me. It would perfectly round out my fantasy collection of classic sports cars and eccentric off-road vehicles.

Unparalleled Toyota luxury and reliability x 12

The 5.0-liter V12 engine performs with a smoothness worthy of royalty. Ample power is available when needed (around 280 hp and 480 N⋅m), but the Century isn’t tuned for excitement. It presses VIP passengers back into their seats with a dignity belying the rapid rise in speed. Likewise, Toyota’s 4-speed automatic transmission is so silky smooth that gear shifts are rarely noticed.

Toyota Century GZG50_v200003

Toyota’s best and brightest engineers went overboard to deliver luxurious response, quiet precision and remarkable reliability. The Century may be a Toyota, but it’s more reliable than a Lexus. It’s also pretty affordable to maintain because most parts are available from your local Toyota dealer.

Toyota Century GZG50_v200002

At Japan Car Direct, we highly recommend the Toyota Century. There are more exciting V12 luxury cars from makers like Jaguar, but you can’t beat the comfort and reliability.

Other JDM Century details worth noting

  • The steering wheel is on the right side, but that’s easy to get used to.
  • Most interiors are wool because leather makes embarrassing noises.
  • The gorgeous exterior finish has seven hand-painted, hand-polished coats.
  • Japanese pedestrians may bow because it conveys so much prestige.

New third-generation Toyota Centuries sell for over 100,000 US dollars, but you can import a used second-generation V12 Toyota Century GZG50 from Japan for less than a fourth that price.

First-generation V8 Toyota Centuries, like the one shown below, are available for even less. We sourced this one for a customer in the US.

Toyota Century GZG50_v200001

A first-generation Toyota Century sourced by Japan Car Direct

Whether you’re interested in importing a second-generation V12 or first-generation V8 Toyota Century from Japan, depend on the always-helpful team at Japan Car Direct. We’re here for you.