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Japan Car direct kicks ass and takes names! I worked with Mat throughout the whole process and I landed one of the world’s most iconic road machines out there, 1992 Skyline GTR. Mat provided a seamless process. I look forward to getting my import car. Mat I thank you for all your time and hard work and look forward to doing business with Japan Car direct again!!!!! You made a dream come true.

Brian Sacco

Nissan Skyline - Brian Sacco

Mathew- I know you’re sleeping, but just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks again for calming me down a while back about the ISF filing. I picked up my Kei truck at the port in Newport News yesterday and couldn’t be more pleased. Yoshi was amazing…definitely a huge asset to your team. Be sure to pat him on the back. Once I get this thing cleaned up and to its final home in Charlottesville, VA on my farm I will get you some pics and do a proper review/writeup for you guys to use on your social media. You guys are my go to team for more of these soon. Thinking about getting a few more to resell and hoping I can create a small little side gig out of it. Thanks again and keep doing what you guys do! You all are the real deal.

Nick Webb

Hi Yoshiro,
We FINALLY got the Registration and Title in the mail on Friday for our Sambar!!! No license plate yet, but they have to make that special with our Collector plate’s number on it, plus the letter ‘A’ , so that might take a while to get, too.
The DMV just needed the original export certificate, the translation of it, the Proforma Invoice and nine weeks to get it done. It’s actually pretty simple, just a matter of finding out what papers they actually need.
I was planning to buy another Sambar once we got this one licensed, but it’s probably best to wait until March. I don’t want to have it get covered with salt when it gets delivered to us and, unfortunately, winter isn’t far away anymore.
Thanks again for all your help in getting us our nifty, little truck,

Ron (Wisconsin USA)

My package has arrived undamaged. I am very impressed by the care taken when shipping my parts. Thank you so much again for helping me acquire these parts. I will surely contact you again in the future.


Martin Schram (American customer)

Hi Yoshiro!
I’ve picked up the car today and am very happy with the condition. I will most definitely be doing business with you in the near future. I am very impressed 🙂
Thank you.


Jared Anand (Canada)

We had an awesome holiday in Japan. Tokyo Auto Salon, track day and parts shopping with Japan Car Direct. Thank you so much for your hospitality! I’ll let you know when I’m back as I owe you dinner!


Tom Parker

After trying, unsuccessfully, to contact a handful of other exporters, I came across Japan Car Direct. Using their online chat, I sent a message and Mathew immediately responded, calling me just a few minutes later. We talked about what kind of vehicle I was looking for and got me all set up to start searching the Japanese auction sheets for a Land Cruiser that would fit my criteria. Being a first-time importer, I was very intimidated by the whole process. Mathew was prompt and able to explain everything I needed to know, such as, translating the auction sheets, helping me to find quality vehicles, and answering all my questions about importing to the States. With the help of Japan Car Direct, I found the perfect Land Cruiser that completely exceeded my expectations. Mathew’s professionalism and expertise throughout the whole process made for such a great experience. I would highly recommend Japan Car Direct to anyone wanting to import a JDM vehicle. Now its time to start searching for a second car, a Pao!


James Longmore

I received my rear glass trim today thank you so much I was surprised how fast the shipping was !!! Very satisfied!!!


Oscar Giron (California)

Picked the Silvia up this morning! She’s a beaut, in better condition than we originally thought it was gonna be.
Very impressed with this one. On to the next one and hopefully many many more.
Thank you!

Callum Underwood

It has been, and will continue to be a pleasure working with Matthew, Scott, and the entire team at JCD. I’ve imported 2 vehicles successfully. They stayed in contact the entire time, step by step, and were very patient with me and all my questions. I will be working with them in the future, and HIGHLY recommend them and their team for anyone looking to import a vehicle in the future!?



Hi Yoshiro,
Wheels arrived all OK. Packed very well thank you. They are a very good purchase. Your company’s service has been excellent and I hope to deal with you again.


Dale Rodgers (Australia)

Hi Yoshi,
I received the car last week and it’s all set and registered here in Guam. Thank you again for all the help and this truck is fantastic! I’ve already received a lot of inquiries and I’m pointing them all in your direction, so hopefully this isn’t the last time you ship something to Guam. Thanks again!


Alexander Luna

Hey guys!
Michael and I picked up our cars at port three weeks ago now. We picked up the Jimny on Monday without issue and used it as primary transportation around Baltimore while I waited for the release of the Autozam. The Jimny went through registration without issue on Friday and the Autozam soon followed. We’ve put a bit over 700 miles on the Jimny so far and Michael is really happy with it as his work vehicle. He has even already broken a few things, just like a proper work vehicle! I finally got all of our cars together for a proper picture this past weekend. We’re both incredibly happy with our imports and I am still amazed by how simple the process was. I’d feel completely confident going through the process again, although I have run out of cars that I want! Thanks for helping us with our cars!

Randy's Autozam


Mathew and Japan Car Direct (JCD) have delivered better than promised. From my first inquiry to final delivery of my first purchase, JCD was there to support me the whole time. The final cost of my first purchase was spot on with the estimate provided by Mathew the first time I contacted him. There were no hidden fees nor surprises. The support provided was better than I could have envisioned. Do not hesitate to contact Mathew / JCD for your next car purchase.

Steven A.

I have been working with JCD for several months now and they have helped me source and ship two containers full of kei trucks to Canada.
My interest in trucks brought be to Japan on my trip a series of unfortunate events left me stranded in Narita Airport. My phone was broken, lost my wallet with most of my money earlier that day in transit. After a long day of mishaps making my way to Chiba from Kyoto I finally arrived at Narita. To my surprise immigration recognized I unintentionally overstayed my visa by 1 day. Without enough money to pay the fine. I wasn’t allowed to board the plane. It was a Friday night so the Canadian embassy was closed for the weekend. I was left stranded at the airport with no phone or money, no one to contact. Then it hit me, Japan Car Direct is in Chiba. I was able to get access to the internet and get a hold of them through their websites chat box. They came to the airport lent me some money, and gave me a place to stay for the night. Thank you Scott, Noriko, and Matt for the support. You guys really saved my ass.



Just wanna say thanks for being awesome people! Couldn’t ask for a better group of people to do business with. It’s only been 6 months, but it has been a great 6 months! We really appreciate you guys doing a stand out job, and being the best at what you do. Thanks again so much!
We are going to be looking for another 3-4 cars this week, another civic hatchback, a gtst or gtr, and possibly a Silvia.


Sam (Delaware JDM Imports)

Just wanted to let you know I picked up my Alto Works yesterday. I drew a crowd picking it up. I had people offering me $$ for the vehicle before I ever got in it! Went to get Gas and had to tell multiple people what it is. I did not expect such a reaction but I understand, this thing is tiny compared to American cars
I had no issues driving it up the mountain. I am beyond surprised how quick it actually is. I had lowered my expectation as I have a few performance cars but this little thing ran away from the SUV I took down to pick it up
Happy to report that the wife’s reaction was not what I expected. Instantly fell in love with it.
When I am ready to purchase another vehicle, should I just let you know and put down the deposit via PayPal again?
I appreciate your patience while I figured this all out. I really have nothing to complain about! Cheers!


David (American Customer)

Wanna give a huge shout out to Mathew Matusiak at Japan Car Direct LLC He’s making my dream come true and for putting up with me lol can’t wait to buy more cars!



Good morning, Scott and Mat,
I finally have the car in my possession! After a few failures with transport companies, I went down to the port and picked it up myself. The car was worth the wait and every penny; it’s a bit of an ugly duckling at the moment, but it will be as close to showroom condition as it can be once I am done with it. With that said, there were no surprises; thanks to you guys, I knew exactly what to expect, and I got exactly what I expected. It’s a 25-year old car, after all, and I had far more issues myself when I was 25. It is in great mechanical condition, though needs a good detailing and a polishing job, which I was well aware of and am happy to do. As promised, I will send some pictures your way once the car looks like it should.
I can’t thank you guys enough for being there every step of the way, answering all questions, and for being so prompt and on it since the day I signed up with JCD. I couldn’t be happier with the entire process and with the end result in particular. I love it!
Before long, we will do it all over again. I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating–it has been nothing but a pleasure doing business with you, and I will be sending you more links soon. You guys rock.
Thank you!



Hey Matt,
We’re happy to say that the import process was a success! We were miraculously able to drive 4.5 hours to Savannah, pick up the car, and drive back in one day.
Quinn and I just wanted to thank you and Scott for all your help over the last several months. Thanks for answering all our questions, even the stupid ones, it helped us feel confident, which is very important when buying a car based on a few blurry pictures from the other side of the world. The next car we import will definitely be through you guys.
Thanks for everything,


R.K. – US customer

Dear Scott & Matt,
This was a great buy indeed, and I can’t wait to get the car stateside. I will get on the funds transfer and will update you once it’s done.
Thank you once again for all the help leading up to my first purchase and for sending over the invoice with detailed instructions so promptly. Saying that it’s been a pleasure dealing with you guys would be an understatement.


Dear Scott,
I hope you and your family and in great health and in great spirits. Mat just helped me secure my 10th vehicle purchase from you. It is a beautiful Nissan Figaro that I could not have gotten without him. After buying 10 cars (and hopefully many more), I want you to know that Japan Car Direct is not just a buyer to me. Japan Car Direct is an invested partner in my success. This is in large part to Mat’s help, expertise, and excellent disposition. He has earned my confidence, trust, respect, and loyalty. He cares about the quality of cars I obtain.
For this Figaro and the last Delica that I won, he went above and beyond to make sure I got the vehicle I wanted. That means he went slightly above my highest bid, but he avoided me losing a great vehicle for a measly $50 US dollars. In the case of the Figaro, my max bid was $8,000 and he got it for me for $8,020. You have no idea how disappointed I would have been if I lost out on that vehicle for a measly $20 dollars. Now, I will have a beautiful Nissan Figaro to sell just in time for summer.
I look forward to buying more vehicles from you and Mat and hope to make my side business more prosperous and exciting with cars like Figaros, Paos, Mark IIs, MR2s, and maybe an AutoZam AZ-1. The Pacific Northwest stills loves 4wd diesel vans and campers, so I hope to buy more of those too. Perhaps by this time next year, I will have enough cash to purchase NSXs, Skylines, and Supras.



I was introduced to Japan Car Direct (JCD) through a friend that imported his own Kei truck. Prior to me reaching out to JCD, I researched many other online buyers of JDM cars for many years and came away very disappointed for various reasons: their buyer’s fee or fees were ridiculously high; the price of their cars were ridiculously high; they seemed ambivalent about my needs; their English was not strong; the selection of their cars were very limited and/or their stock was full of cars that had been there for months, if not years. Most importantly, I had no confidence they were acting on my behalf. JCD was completely different. Since July of 2016, I have purchased 8 vehicles from JCD. They guided me and advised me as to which cars were solid, roadworthy, and mechanically sound. There were cars that I really really wanted and they advised me numerous times to pass on them because of their condition and I know they were right. I have purchased cars that I was able to re-sell with confidence and were in amazing shape. Most exceeded my expectations. They care and they are by my side at every step of the process.

Raphael - USA

Raphael – USA

Hi Scott,
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how delighted I am with the 6-Speed MkIV Supra Twin Turbo that you were able to source for me.
I took my time waiting for the right thing to come up and I am extremely glad I decided to go with you as not only was the car the exact thing I was looking for – paying the extra money for an additional inspection on the car was very much worth it. It was exactly as described and I am loving it.
I would highly recommend anyone thinking about importing any car from Japan to use Scott and his Team at JapanCarDirect to do it. The price was extremely reasonable, the communication was swift and accurate and I was kept informed and guided through every step of the way. I always say that the mark of a good company is always answered with the question “would I use them again”? I am actually in contact with them now to import my next car!

Supra Twin Turbo
Tom UK Customer

Hi Scott,
My 1991 Mercedes 300D drives very well. The compression seems very good, and body and interior are what I expected – nice shape with just a spit shine needed to get bright again. Overall a great condition car for the age. Thanks very much for the help in getting the deal done!

Mercedes Benz 300d
Nick and Kelly

Hi Scott,
My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I wanted to get the car all cleaned up before I emailed you back as the end result is really stunning. Bottom line… my biggest complaint is that I bought only one Figaro!
Anyway, I went to the docks at Jacksonville to pick up the car and trailer it home. When I got there I was a little worried as the front hubcaps were missing, the passenger window was open, there was shrink wrap all over where the window should be and the battery was dead. After putting the battery on a charger and running the engine for about 5 minutes, the electrical system came back to life, and I was able to bring the window up. While waiting, I found the hubcaps in the back seat. So all was good.
From what I can tell, I think the shipping company had the window down and couldn’t get it up after the battery died. They did their best to cover it up with shrink wrap and it all worked well as a hurricane had passed through while waiting for customs to clear and the inside was still dry. I got it on the trailer and brought it home with no issue at all. In fact, I think that since the car was open on the cruise over here that most of the smell had dissipated from being open for 6 weeks.
Interior – As you noted, the interior was really dirty but not as bad as I had expected. I removed every last interior panel and stripped them of the paint that was originally applied to them which had broken down and become really sticky. Apparently this happens to all Figaros. The floor mats cleaned up better than I expected. The carpet looks brand new. The door panels look like new after a really thorough scrubbing. I added some bolster to the seats and had a company re-dye the seats and repair the crack in the dash so all looks near new. You wouldn’t recognize the inside now!
Mechanical – It didn’t click in my mind that the car had only 25k miles on it. My neighbor is my mechanic and he hasn’t had a chance to touch the car yet as all that it needed was a new battery. The old gas in the tank made it sound rough at first, but after a fresh tank and a few revs, it sounds amazing. I wasn’t expecting such a throaty sound from the exhaust of a 1 liter turbo. I’m really happy. Having Nissan Micra related running gear has made it really easy. I’ve connected with a British owner’s club and that will help me get all the future parts I need. I’m guessing some tie rod ends will clean up the suspension, but it isn’t bad at all as is. Actually it is really smooth on the road and is eager to go faster than I want.
Exterior – This is the only place I was a little disappointed, but to be honest, the interior and mechanicals definitely make up for it and then some. There are four places where we have some corrosion points – two in the roofline where water accumulates in the soft top, one from a repair job in one of the back quarter panel top and the back window panel of the convertible top. Three out of four of those are actually common issues with the car. At some point in the future I’ll have all those repaired and a respray (which should raise the value of the car even more than the cost incurred). The back window panel has new/improved parts available from the UK that will prevent the same issues from happening in the future.
After I cleaned it all up, it looks amazing. Frankly, I’m the only one who has noticed the corrosion on the roofline as you have to remove a rubber gasket to see it. Needless to say, this isn’t something I would have expected you to see.
I went to a large car show in the area and parked it next to 15 Lamborghini’s. Let’s just say that mine was the only one of the 16 cars in that row that drew a crowd. It is impossible to drive anywhere without having conversations with multiple people. It is that good.
The only way it looks better is when my wife drives it. Nancy totally looks the part behind the wheel. She lived in Japan for a few years so, although she doesn’t remember Figaros, she can definitely appreciate driving it. We’ve translated all of the registration stickers on the front and back to English and have narrowed down the prefecture where the car was last parked (Gifu).
With that said, I’m trying to figure out my next move. Depending on some future income options and how well I can sweet talk my wife, I may want a Nissan Pao to add to the collection (or another Figaro to buy and flip here in the US to build up cash for a Pao). That probably won’t be until the end of the year, but don’t be surprised if I come back with another car request in the near future. Now that I know the ins and outs of bringing one over, we can do this much easier with much less worry on my part.
Long story short… thanks for being a part of this adventure with me. I’m really happy with the end result and couldn’t ask for a better. Hopefully we’ll do this again in the near future! I’m still watching the auctions and waiting for the right car, my bank account, and my ability to sweet-talk my wife all come into alignment! When it happens, let’s do this again!
All the best,

Selwyn (Florida, USA Customer)

The DIY import method went smoothly. All went as planned at the port and it was uneventful getting a license plate as well. I replaced the battery and tires, and changed all the dash lights to blue LED. I’ve ordered the missing decals, air and oil filter. It does have a minor oil leak (drop) or two. Most people think that its new, runs fine. It’s a blast to drive and draws a lot of attention. Everyone I come across wants one and I gave your name and site to several already. I definitely plan on getting another one around May. Would love the Van. Feel free to use me as a reference.

At Mikes house

Mike (American 25 Year Old Mini Truck Customer)

Hi Scott,
Great to hear from you.
I am fine and the 968 turned out to be in better shape than I had assumed. It has been neglegted a bit over the years and I am still fixing one or the other minor issue. But no mechanical problems, absolutely no corrosion whatsoever which is the most important aspect. Paint could be better, I have all the dents removed but the paint has some “coating” which I first thought was from trees and it can nearly not be removed. Took me a few evenings to remove it from all the glass, I had to use special glass polish. Anyway, the car regularly gets admiring comments for its good shape and classic look.
Hope at your end everything is fine and business runs well. I keep looking at the auctions every now and then but it’s quite quiet at the moment.


Gebhard (German Customer)

Good Morning, Scott
My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
We picked up the mini truck on wednesday last week, and the process was seamless to say the least. The staff at the docks were incredible to deal with, so much so that we continue to talk about how friendly they were. It was unbelievable! Al was great, thanks for the recommendation.
It was pouring rain when we picked up the mini, so we didn’t snap a photo. But we do plan to get a photo of the truck now that its home for you.
The mini truck was exactly as it was described to us, exactly! It started with a simple turn of the key, idled smoothly like a vehicle with 4,800 kms would, and even had the new car smell. Rebecca climbed in, and became the mini’s first canadian pilot, and everything went extremely smoothly while she moved it over to be loaded on the trailer.
I was then handed the wheel, and carefully positioned the vehicle onto the trailer without a single issue. What a great little vehicle. Everywhere we go, everyone who sees it, just smiles, and in the end, everyone says they just love how simple it is. And even more so, everyone can’t believe how roomy the cabin is, even for taller people.
Looks like we will be buying more now, several friends are looking to have me help them purchase a truck, and we are planning to buy an Every van (same year and condition please!!). We would also like to find out about buying a 200 series excavator, if you handle that type of thing.
Thanks for everything, look forward to hearing back from you. We will order up some parts very soon for general maintenance, i’ll send the list tomorrow with the photo we take today of the mini. I’m back to work now, so better fly.
Two very satisfied customers,


Chris and Rebecca (Canadian Customers)

Finally got to bring my 1999 Impreza STi Wagon home today 🙂 Can’t drive it tomorrow until I sort out some paperwork with my license plate (it’s joint with me and my wife and she wasn’t around when I was registering it .. what a hassle. )
So. How to describe this thing …
Clean, is a good word. I could almost eat off the underside it’s so good. Interior is awesome, lots of antennas I need to take out, but clean and well respected which is always nice.
Sound .. has a glorious rumble, but is actually quieter than my RS was. But that’s a good thing because once that turbo spools up you can hear it nice and clear. And speaking of turbo, when that grabs hold …. into the seat you go, and I wasn’t even pushing much on this run. Might have hit 6 grand at half throttle on one merge, but damn this thing is going to be quick.
While I was impressed with the straight line, I was even more impressed with the first big set of S turns I hit. Picked at route home with a nice two lane set of S turns at the top of a quiet industrial park in a 50 to 100 speed transition. Empty roads means the I get both lanes to myself, hit some gas and line up for the apex, car settles in quickly and holds VERY tight through the curve, I might have be nudging 120, but it would have been as happy at 180, even with the tires being fairly used up. It’s got a good suspension set up tucked behind those nice gold rims.
Brakes weren’t sticky, a little noisy until I wear through months of surface rust, but good feel and no pulling.
It wants to tug right a little bit all the time, but I suspect that’s tires, or a quick alignment issue.
Definitely definitely definitely pleased with the product.
As for you guys, this whole thing started ages ago with a simple question about what freight for an Alto works (which I will still get one day !) might look like, and me saying I wouldn’t be able to do anything for at least 6 months. A question that despite being a slim prospect for business was handled with professionalism, a clear breadth of knowledge and some none too subtle hints of that deep down, consuming “car guy” passion. Fast forward to a couple months ago when we start working to procure a totally different sort of car, and the process is handled so smoothly and efficiently I barely had to be involved. Yet, when I was (often perhaps more heavily than I needed to be) there was always the same professionalism, knowledge and passion.
That’s what really sets you guys apart, I think .. it’s equal parts knowing how this game works, and having that desire to see these machines enjoyed elsewhere for many more years to come.
So, thanks for everything, it’s been quite a ride and I’m definitely looking forward to the next lap.
And I can say that I’ll definitely be recommending you guys for anyone I know who wants to bring something in. your fee is way more than fair considering the effort and attention that goes in to it from your end.
Thanks again for everything.


Adam M – East Coast Canada

Hey Scott,
I just wanted to thank you for your services. Your professional advice lead me to finding the most ideal mini rover. You were always quick to respond to all my inquiries and gave your honest advice for all possible options I proposed to you. Through the connections you had I was able to have the car within roughly a month of my winning bid. For anyone else looking for Japanese imports I would highly recommend Japan Car Direct’s services and I know I will definitely be using their services in the future for my next import.


Nicky (Canadian Customer)

Scott, I claimed the truck Saturday morning in Savannah. Hit the road, could only go about 10 miles per hour. Coaxed it up the freeway to the first truck stop. Fueled, removed the seat to see the air cleaner for the engine. The canister was totally full of dirt causing the engine to lose about 98% of its power. I removed the filter, cleaned out all the dust and dirt, replaced the lid with no filter and started the engine. It ran 100% better to the point I hit the freeway to Nashville. I cruised at 80 Km the 490 miles to Nashville. Got home 12:00 Sunday 12/07, had a very relaxing adult beverage, nice dinner with my best buddy, Mama Pam, and we said thanks to Scott, all’s well.
I will go to Suzuki dealer and get air filter, have the disk calipers lubricated, (They are rusted and don’t completely release), and put Fred, (the truck’s name) to work feeding cattle.
When I drove up the drive way, (about ¼ mile) the cattle on each side of the drive were curious about the new sound, sight, and smell so they were having a hissy. Whey warmed up immediately when I loaded it with hay and headed for the feed troughs. Happy ending!!!! Thanks again.

80 Year Old American Customer
Hi Scott,
Just wanted to email to let you know I have taken delivery of my new rx7 and I couldn’t be happier! Absolutely over the moon with her. Thank you so much for all your help with it all and it has been a pleasure to deal with you, I hope we can do business again someday. Thank you again,


Tom (UK Customer)
Hi Scott / Dave,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help from my initial enquiry to sending the spare parts and everything in between!
The Suzuki arrived on Thursday along with the outstanding parts on Monday and I collected the documents yesterday afternoon from the post office.
The Suzuki is awesome and almost too good a condition that it’s a shame to use it but that’s what I bought it for, to be used! I have already had a lot of compliments from the delivery driver and the guys in the port to my friends and it isn’t even on the road yet, I also posted a few pictures on a facebook page (Australian 4×4 Suzuki Enthusiasts) and the response has been amazing. I have been sure to mention you guys to everyone who has asked where I got it from and have been singing your praises.
I am currently booking it in to register it for the end of this week / start of next but require to clean up the front drivers brake drum as its binding, on that note is it possible to have you guys look at sourcing a maintenance manual on this Suzuki? Let me know and thanks again.
PS will hopefully be looking to get a Suzuki Cappuccino or Alto works in the not too distant future through you guys. Also do you have any window stickers to put on the vehicle as I would be happy to fit one?
Kind Regards,


Theodore Isaac Rubin

“I have purchased cars from Japan through three different brokers. Scott at Japan Car Direct provided the best experience by far. His commitment to customer service, his drive to get the best deal, his willingness to go the extra mile, mean I will be buying my next car through Scott too.”


Craig from Ontario Canada: Ready to answer emails for more information.




To Whom it May Concern,
I have been working with JCD since March 2012, shortly after the Myanmar Vehicle market opened up to imports.
During this one and a half years I have imported over 120 vehicles from JCD. The quality has almost always been as good or for the most part better than expected! There have of course been some problems along the way, but Scott and his staff always go out of their way to solve them in an efficient and timely manner. I have recommended JCD’s service to some of my friends and they are also very happy with the results.
Thank You JCD.
Best Regards,


John Singh Citizen of Myanmar

“Scott Bower and Japan Car Direct (JCD)… two thumbs up, and I mean waaay up!
When researching, sending a deposit, ‘shopping’ the auctions, selecting the vehicle and finally placing what you hope is a winning low-ball bid – it is extremely important to trust the company you are dealing with. I talked to several companies before finally deciding to proceed with JCD – and that was all before learning that Scott was originally from Edmonton. What helps us trust is communication. JCD is big enough to have all the experience you’d hope a provider of this kind of service would have, but also small enough to give you the kind of constant communication that inspires enough confidence to send many thousands of dollars overseas… somewhat blind. Scott answered all my questions (many many questions, lol) and helped me with all the research into the ever-changing JDM markets. Shop with confidence here… cannot say enough good things about the JCD experience.”
Brian B. from Elkford, BC
“Scott Bower and Japan Car Direct (JCD)… two thumbs up, and I mean waaay up!
When researching, sending a deposit, ‘shopping’ the auctions, selecting the vehicle and finally placing what you hope is a winning low-ball bid – it is extremely important to trust the company you are dealing with. I talked to several companies before finally deciding to proceed with JCD – and that was all before learning that Scott was originally from Edmonton. What helps us trust is communication. JCD is big enough to have all the experience you’d hope a provider of this kind of service would have, but also small enough to give you the kind of constant communication that inspires enough confidence to send many thousands of dollars overseas… somewhat blind. Scott answered all my questions (many many questions, lol) and helped me with all the research into the ever-changing JDM markets. Shop with confidence here… cannot say enough good things about the JCD experience.”


Brian B. from Elkford, BC

Great doing business with Japan Car Direct the team were communicating with update’s with my cars progress all the way.
The condition of my car was even better than described and im really happy and will recommend the team for sure. Happy UK Customer
Thank You JCD



I just wanted to post my experience of buying my new car (JDM STI Forester 2004 White) from Japan Car Direct. I have been looking for a good STI Forester for some months and had viewed many cars that had been in the UK for some years, some with associated rust issues forming. I was a little unsure about buying a JDM import as heard many stories of cars being damaged repaired cars. I contacted Nathan at japan car direct after seeing his advert for the STI Forester.
I made an appointment to view and was totally impressed with the condition of the car. The underneath was totally rust free and the whole car was in exceptional condition for a 80k miles car. More importantly after spending some time with Nathan and discussing his set up, I felt very happy and comfortable with his sincerity and openness . His relative owns Japan Car Direct and is based in Japan enabling him to view all the cars going through auction and has professional people on site to do an additional inspection to double check the condition and ensure best choice available. There was no pressure at all and after spending probably 2 hours looking at the car and driving it, I said I would sleep on it. This was no problem and I was left to my thoughts. I decided to go down again to view it and check everything over again. Again no pressure on time and after driving it again and checking all the documents including the auction papers from Japan I decided to buy it. I would without reservation recommend speaking with Nathan if you are thinking of buying a JDM import [email protected] com.


UK Customer Chris




I’ve known Scott and have been doing business with JCD for three years now. Scott is the real deal. I’m in the United States and own a mini (kei) truck. Parts here are often difficult to obtain and once located, you’re at the mercy of the dealer when it comes to cost. Scott provides very timely communication and keeps you up to date on any progress. Invoices, receipts and shipping documents are scanned and emailed in real time. Skype is another nice way of communication with JCD. I find payments to be very easy via PayPal. Everything is up front and honest so there are no surprises at the end. I could tell after my first transaction with JCD that timeliness and honesty are a few of their key components. I’m able to order OEM parts from the dealer or used parts from the wrecker yards with ease. Scott and JCD are well networked and this greatly benefits the customer. Scott is a great asset, a great friend and will provide “service after the sale”. I look forward to doing business with JCD for many years to come.


United States customer Jamie

A big thank you to JCD for supplying my latest JDM classic. Nathan (UK Branch Manager) could not have been more helpful, and I would definitely use their services in the future.
Great stock guys keep it up!


Jase(Canadian Customer)

Everything you advise on is perfect, insurance, wash and broker. The broker will save any frustration on my end. Thanks again for all your hard work. It has been a pleasure having a professional to work with. Very often in today’s world I find myself dealing with people that leave me wanting, this is not the case here!


Your friend Tony (Continued)

Hello Scott, I just got home. My wife thanks you for the excuse to take a road trip up our coast. The truck is in great shape for it’s age visually and mechanically A1. So thank you. For you and Al, going over and above what I expected. Along my 2000 km trip I was able to take some very cool off road adventures. That little truck sure can climb. I’m not kidding when I tell you I was going up and down 30-35 degree mountain sides with no slip. I would not even consider tackling the hills I climbed this week with my other 4×4 trucks. The best part though was how little footprint it leaves ecologically . Living in a semi desert area of Canada we realize that the footprint a quad,truck leaves today is seen for decades afterwards. for this reason alone the truck is worth it’s weight in gold.
Scott I’ve said it before. But one more time, I’ll say thank you for your service and Al Thompson for making my truck purchase as easy as 1 2 3. Funny but I think it’s actually easier buying a truck from japan. Than from my own dealer here in town.
PS i definitely owe you a good glass of whiskey. I may even break out the 30 yr old stuff . Doors always open.


Your friend Tony

Japan Car Direct made the import process very straight forward. Initially I was led to believe that the import of a vehicle was very long winded and not for the faint hearted but the guys at JCD made it smooth sailing all the way to the port in England! I really enjoyed the whole process and would like to do it again at some point! Every moment was exciting be it looking for cars on the market, getting inspections done, and obviously down to delivery of my fresh JDM car. These guys sourced me my dream car… When the car arrived it was exactly the same as the description, although it can sometimes feel like a gamble starting the import process these guys do everything in their power to insure you get the right vehicle for the right price.Now I am driving around in my Nissan r32 GTR sourced straight from Japan and loving it!!! The worst part for the import process for me was waiting on delivery of the vehicle and for the registration to arrive, but that’s something you have to just contain your excitement with!
I would definitely recommend JCD for importing cars and I’m pretty sure I will be doing it again! The guys are very professional, the fees are very fair and they do their best to find your dream car at the right price!!!!!


Rhys Botterill, Nissan r32 GTR ,United Kingdom.

I can’t recommend Scott at Japan Car Direct enough.
I had always wanted to import a car from Japan for many years but was a little worried about the whole process. With the help of Scott (who basically does everything for you) I have imported my first car without any problems and I am very happy. I was on a very tight budget for my first import and the car is in excellent condition inside and out thanks to Scott checking the details and having an inspection done, this is very informative and ensures you know exactly what you are buying which can be the most worrying part. From start to finish Scott kept in contact, updating me at every point and ensured I got the exact car that I was looking for, You couldn’t ask for more and I look forward to working with JCD again.
Thanks again



Hi Scott,
Everything went great with the car, short of a couple things that should be replaced the car is in excellent condition. Thank you again for all your help during the process! I will definitely recommend your services and hopefully be contacting you in the future regarding more cars! Thanks again.


Alec (Canadian Customer)

Well my friends, thanks to you two wonderful gents I now have a fantastic ride! (it definitely draws some fun looks!) I must say, when you said pocket rocket, you were right! This thing wants to move! I keep being surprised at just how much pull it puts out for such a tiny package! The sound of the engine is a beautiful purr, which such a vibrant interior! And the steering is so very responsive, it really is like driving a go kart! This truly is a driver’s car. I attached some photos, an man am I in love with this car. It is way more fun than I anticipated! There’s only a few things through I think need to be taken care of : 1- the speed limit warning needs to go, ha. Speed limits in America are a lot higher than 85kph! Any hints on where to find the buzzer? 2- tires, the tread is fine, but I think they’re a bit old and probably should be replaced. I’ve found one site that sells them online, but I was curious if you were more in tune with where I should be looking? 3- spare parts, is there a good website / method of getting spare parts (used or new) even if it’s in Japanese it’s a great head start.
Once again, thanks for all the help, and this is an awesome one of a kind car!


American Customer – Jim

Dear Scott,

Hope you are doing well. Just to inform that I received the Toyota RAUM in good condition…..no going to the garage to fix minor dents as other people here do! I like it and enjoy driving it! I appreciate the excellent service I received from you and Mel right from choosing the car at the auction, shipping and delivery to Nairobi. It was a seamless process. Now just waiting to get my logbook.
I have the confidence to recommend friends to japan car direct.
Thanks so much,


Denis ,Nairobi, Kenya.

We received our car yesterday and it is a BEAUTY. Our car is in a lot better condition than we thought and it even has a new car smell. Thank you again for your assistance and we will definitely recommend Japan Car Direct to our friends.
Kind Regards,


Quincy (Cayman Islands)

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  • review rating 5  A few months ago I set out on my goal of importing a vehicle from Japan through an auction. After tons and TONs of research and countless emails, I decided to use Japan Car Direct as my exporter in Japan. From the beginning of my interactions with JCD, I was thoroughly impressed. My contact, Yoshi, was amazing...definitely a huge asset to the JCD team. He answered all of my questions promptly, translated dozens of auction sheets for me, and advised me of what to watch out for when looking for a vehicle. He was beyond helpful! I picked up my Kei truck at the port in Newport News a few weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased. Since then, the truck has made it to its final home in Charlottesville, VA on my farm. Yoshi and the other guys at JCD are now my go to team for more of these soon. Thanks again JCD and keep doing what you guys do! You all are the real deal.

    thumb N W

    review rating 5  A few months ago I set out on my goal of importing a vehicle from Japan through an auction. After tons and TONs of research and countless emails, I decided to use Japan Car Direct as my exporter in Japan. From the beginning of my interactions with JCD, I was thoroughly impressed. My contact, Yoshi, was amazing...definitely a huge asset to the JCD team. He answered all of my questions promptly, translated dozens of auction sheets for me, and advised me of what to watch out for when looking for a vehicle. He was beyond helpful! I picked up my Kei truck at the port in Newport News a few weeks and couldn't be more pleased. Since then, the truck has made it to its final home in Charlottesville, VA on my farm. Yoshi and the other guys at JCD are now my go to team for more of these soon. Thanks again JCD and keep doing what you guys do! You all are the real deal.

    thumb N W

    review rating 5  Since a kid the FD RX7 has always been a dream car but i didn't pursue it till i graduated high school but the prices just for the shell over here in california was over 15k!! I kept looking around until I decided i would just import one. I found JCD while looking for the top 5 importers you could trust and they stood out more than all the other ones, and for a couple months of more research on their page until I ultimately decided I would go through them. Although this was my first time getting a car from Japan and having an endless amount questions spanning a couple hundred emails until it would freeze up and i had to make a new email thread .. Mathew always answered every question and helped me though every step. I didn't have all the funds in the beginning but they were very patient with it until i was fully ready, then after a month of having Matt give his thought on some of the FDs i was looking at we finally won the auction for a 94 Efini type R Fd3s. As we picked it up from Long Beach till the drive home I couldn't believe that it was here and soo much better just looking at the picture but i defiantly would recommend JCD to anyone looking to import their dream car too and and want to thank matt and the whole team with getting me my RX7.

    thumb Erwin Contreras
  • review rating 5  I'd been looking to buy an RF series Honda Stepwagon to convert into a mini camper for a while but the UK prices always seemed too high. I had joined a few JDM import sites to get an idea of auction prices and costs (including Japan Car Direct) but just couldn't bring myself to take the next step, it seemed such a risk ! Finally after reading so many good reviews for JCD (and Mathew in particular) I took the plunge and contacted Mathew. After he answered my many questions regarding costs, fees etc I felt confident enough to pay the deposit and start hunting the Japanese auctions for my Steppy. My budget for the Steppy was pretty low (pathetic even !) but I felt Mat still put the same effort into replying to my questions and queries as he would have done if my budget had been into the tens of thousands. The result was I now have a very tidy Stepwagon with lower mileage than any vehicle I've ever owned, I've paid far less for it then I would have done buying in the UK and I've got a bigger budget now for the camper conversion. I wouldn't hesitate to buy through them again, and hope to do so soon.

    thumb Matt B

    review rating 5  5 star experience from start to finish. Transparent and easy process, and Mat was very patient to answer plenty of questions I had during the purchase! Can’t wait to do it again because the Japanese cars from this era are pure automotive art and these guys hold the keys to the museum!

    thumb Ross C

    review rating 5  After an initial inquiry several years ago, I still wanted to get a Japanese Delica or Hiace. Matthew was immediately in contact and helped with all the details. His videos were perfect for my search. Matthew was able to answer all of my questions and my wife and I were able to make decisions based on the great information he provided. I would recommend Japan Car Direct to anyone interested in getting the right car at the best price.

    thumb Zach Matheson
  • review rating 5  The staff at Japan Car Direct made what I thought would a a difficult process very easy. Matt explained every step thoroughly and his advice on details of cars was spot on.

    thumb nick creece

    review rating 5  I imported a van though JCD and they made the process super straightforward. They were amazing at communicating and quick to answer any of my questions. If you are looking to import a car I would highly recommended them.

    thumb William Bender

    review rating 5  Awesome experience !! Their service was extremely good and efficient. Yoshiro was soo patient with my many requests for information and translations. The vehicle purchased was better than expected. I would definitely consider using their services again.

    thumb Rafael Cuadros
  • review rating 5  All I can say about the experience is AMAZING! I worked with Matthew and he was helpful through the whole process of bidding, purchasing, and shipping the car to me. He had an answer for every question, and was always quick to respond. Enjoying my new Mercedes and I will be using them again!

    thumb chris casali

    review rating 5  All around exceptional experience! Matt was great to work with and guided me through the entire process with ease. As a first timer, importing was a bit nerve racking but JCD did a great job providing a cool little truck I can enjoy here in Delaware. I look forward to picking up the next toy/vehicle through them.

    thumb Jesse Wencius

    review rating 5  The experienced, grizzled veterans of the import scene. They were very accommodating with all my questions and concerns. It was my first time importing, so everything was confusing and intimidating, but I'm happy to report everything went as planned! I'm definitely calling them back when I finally come up with an excuse to import another!

    thumb Joey Rodriguez
  • review rating 5  Mathew was great to work with and made what could be a scary daunting experience very easy. I am super happy with my car and am sure I will be importing with them again!

    thumb Kayla D'Ambrosi

    review rating 5  Working with Mathew and his team was an absolute pleasure. I went from never knowing you could import your own vehicle to owning my own Suzuki Cara within 6 months. Mathew was so helpful and completely transparent with me during the entire process. We spoke on the phone and via email and he helped me pick the perfect car exactly within my requirements. He dealt with my excitement and inexperience with patience and understanding. I couldn't be happier with my experience and will absolutely use Japan Car Direct again when it's time for another project. I highly recommend Mathew and Japan Car Direct.

    thumb Tristan Gilbert

    review rating 5  Just purchased my second car through Japan Car Direct. Could not be more pleased with their customer service. Matt went above and beyond to help me find the right car. Translating countless auction sheets, messaging sellers, requesting vehicle inspections, putting up with me and my requests well after his time in the office, etc. I can happily and honestly say that I would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase a car from Japan and that you will not be dissappinted. Very kind, helpful and professional. Can’t wait for vehicle number 3.

    thumb Tanner Himmel
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