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Nissan Figaro E-FK10
Exported on: 2019/05/30

Retro style convertible turbocharged 1.0 litre JDM classic Nissan figaro

Honda Beat PP1
Exported on: 2019/05/30

Honda Beat kei car from japan import export USA 25 year regulation

Rover Mini
Exported on: 2019/05/30

SSR alloys smiths gauges RHD low price great condition Rover Mini

Nissan Skyline ECR33
Exported on: 2019/05/30

Nissan Skyline GTS-25t jdm sports car for sale dealer auction import from japan

Honda Beat PP1
Exported on: 2019/05/30

Honda Beat rear wheel drive, mid-engined two-seat roadster kei car MTREC

Nissan Caravan VRGE24
Exported on: 2019/05/30

Shagging wagon decked out long body caravan van JDM import from Japan

Rover Mini
Exported on: 2019/05/29

Mini Cooper Rover Austin classic JDM European cars for sale

Subaru Sambar KS4
Exported on: 2019/05/29

Mini truck kei utility vehicle 4WD heated cab JDM delight

Honda Acty Street HH4
Exported on: 2019/05/29

Honda Street JDM cabover microvans kei vans for sale export import from Japan

Mercedes Benz 560SEL
Exported on: 2019/05/29

Mercedes Benz 560SEL LHD European luxury JDM cars available import from japan

Toyota Hiace Van KZH106
Exported on: 2019/05/28

Toyota Hiace Van 25 year rule import usa America from japan jdm export dealer auction

Mazda Scrum DK51T
Exported on: 2019/05/28

Autozam Scrum kei mini truck 4wd 5 speed air conditioning 800 lbs load

Mitsubishi Delica P35W
Exported on: 2019/05/26

Mitsubishi Delica Star Wagon 4wd turbo diesel engine clearance van jdm import japan

Suzuki Carry DD51T
Exported on: 2019/05/25

Suzuki Carry mini kei truck 4wd hi lo air conditioning 5 speed JDM import export pros

BMW 525i 5-Series
Exported on: 2019/05/25

525i 5 Series luxury JDM german cars dealer auctions low prices LHD

Honda Civic EP3
Exported on: 2019/05/23

Honda Civic type R EP3 JDM sports car 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine (K20A2)

Nissan Laurel HC33
Exported on: 2019/05/23

Nissan Laurel Medalist C33 drift rear wheel drive JDM import from Japan

Toyota Liteace CM40
Exported on: 2019/05/23

Toyota Liteace Van USA America 25 year rule import from japan JDM

Porsche 911 964
Exported on: 2019/05/23

Porsche 911 964A Carrera 2 import to America usa 25 year rule JDM European luxury car

Toyota Land Cruiser PZJ77
Exported on: 2019/05/23

Toyota Land Cruiser PZJ77 USA import 25 year rule JDM dealer auction

Porsche 911 964
Exported on: 2019/05/23

Porsche 911 JDM European luxury car import from japan 25 year rule USA LHD

Maserati Spyder Zagato
Exported on: 2019/05/16

JDM luxury Italian car Maserati Spyder Zagato LHD Japan dealer auctions

Nissan Fairlady Z Z33
Exported on: 2019/05/14

Fairlady Z JDM import export used car auction japan Canada 15 year regulations

BMW M3 E36
Exported on: 2019/05/14

BMW M3 high-performance 3 series JDM European luxury car import from Japan

Audi RS6
Exported on: 2019/05/14

Audi RS6 RennSport 4.0L biturbo V8 engine LHD JDM European luxury car

BMW E36 M3
Exported on: 2019/05/14

BMW M3 high-performance 3 series JDM European luxury car import from japan E30

Audi RS3 3-door
Exported on: 2019/05/14

Audi RS3 3D LHD European JDM luxury cars from Japan excellent condition import

Nissan Elgrand NE51
Exported on: 2019/05/14

Nissan Elgrand van import from japan people mover jdm dealer auction

Nissan Homy ARME24
Exported on: 2019/05/05

Nissan Homy JDM van import from japan to America JDM quality love

BMW 318IS E36 M42
Exported on: 2019/04/28

BMW 318IS BMW E36 3 series 10 best list European luxury car japan jdm

Porsche 911 964
Exported on: 2019/04/28

Import a Porsche 911 from japan lhd European luxury cars dealer auction

Mercedes Benz 560SEL W126
Exported on: 2019/04/28

Mercedes Benz 560SEL japan import luxury used cars jdm buy

Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ70
Exported on: 2019/04/28

Land cruiser J50 J60 J 70 J80 import from japan jdm auction

BMW 850CI E31 M70
Exported on: 2019/04/28

JDM LHD luxury cars import from japan to EU countries

Toyota Hilux Surf RZN210
Exported on: 2019/04/27

TOYOTA HILUX SURF RZN210 4Runner compact SUV jdm import

Porsche Boxter 987
Exported on: 2019/04/25

Jdm Porsche boxter import export Europe dealer auction

Toyota Sera EXY10
Exported on: 2019/04/24

Toyota sera hatchback coupe butterfly wing doors inline 4 5E-FHE

Mazda Cara PG6SS
Exported on: 2019/04/24

Suzuki Cara kei class sports car turbocharged mid engine AZ-1 Autozam

Subaru Vivio KK3
Exported on: 2019/04/24

SUBARU VIVIO KK3 kei car japan fuel injected RX-R RX-RA supercharged

Toyota Land Cruiser HZJ73
Exported on: 2019/04/24

Toyota land cruiser JDM import USA America 25 year regulation

Porsche 911 964
Exported on: 2019/04/16

Porsche 911 JDM import from japan lhd cars export

Mercedes Benz 560SEL W126
Exported on: 2019/04/16

Mercedes benz luxury jdm lhd cars auction price import export

Porsche 911 964
Exported on: 2019/04/16

PORSCHE 911 JDM import lhd European Germany Poland import

Mitsubishi Minicab Miev U67V
Exported on: 2019/04/16

Kei mini van import from japan jdm exporter electric van

Mazda RX-7 FD3S
Exported on: 2019/04/13

MAZDA RX-7 FD3S Wankel rotary engine 2+2 hatchback japan jdm

Honda Integra DC5
Exported on: 2019/04/13

Honda Integra DC5 Type R fourth generation JDM import japan dealer aucti

Mercedes Benz ML55AMG W163
Exported on: 2019/04/11

MERCEDES BENZ AMG ML55 high performance luxury used lhd cars japan jdm

Suzuki Carry DA63T
Exported on: 2019/04/09

Mini truck kei Suzuki carry usa import America 25 year rule

Nissan Skyline NHR-32 GTS-4
Exported on: 2019/03/29

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Suzuki Cappuccino EA11R
Exported on: 2019/03/28

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Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec-C R205
Exported on: 2019/03/19

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Mercedes Benz 190E W201
Exported on: 2019/03/15

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Suzuki Carry DD51T Dump
Exported on: 2019/03/15

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Toyota Toyo Ace LY151 Fire Truck
Exported on: 2019/03/14

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Toyota MR-S ZZW30
Exported on: 2019/03/14

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Suzuki Jimny JA11
Exported on: 2019/03/05

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Toyota Mark II JZX100
Exported on: 2019/03/04

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  • review rating 5  Awesome experience !! Their service was extremely good and efficient. Yoshiro was soo patient with my many requests for information and translations. The vehicle purchased was better than expected. I would definitely consider using their services again.

    thumb Rafael Cuadros

    review rating 5  All I can say about the experience is AMAZING! I worked with Matthew and he was helpful through the whole process of bidding, purchasing, and shipping the car to me. He had an answer for every question, and was always quick to respond. Enjoying my new Mercedes and I will be using them again!

    thumb chris casali

    review rating 5  All around exceptional experience! Matt was great to work with and guided me through the entire process with ease. As a first timer, importing was a bit nerve racking but JCD did a great job providing a cool little truck I can enjoy here in Delaware. I look forward to picking up the next toy/vehicle through them.

    thumb Jesse Wencius
  • review rating 5  The experienced, grizzled veterans of the import scene. They were very accommodating with all my questions and concerns. It was my first time importing, so everything was confusing and intimidating, but I'm happy to report everything went as planned! I'm definitely calling them back when I finally come up with an excuse to import another!

    thumb Joey Rodriguez

    review rating 5  Mathew was great to work with and made what could be a scary daunting experience very easy. I am super happy with my car and am sure I will be importing with them again!

    thumb Kayla D'Ambrosi

    review rating 5  Working with Mathew and his team was an absolute pleasure. I went from never knowing you could import your own vehicle to owning my own Suzuki Cara within 6 months. Mathew was so helpful and completely transparent with me during the entire process. We spoke on the phone and via email and he helped me pick the perfect car exactly within my requirements. He dealt with my excitement and inexperience with patience and understanding. I couldn't be happier with my experience and will absolutely use Japan Car Direct again when it's time for another project. I highly recommend Mathew and Japan Car Direct.

    thumb Tristan Gilbert
  • review rating 5  Just purchased my second car through Japan Car Direct. Could not be more pleased with their customer service. Matt went above and beyond to help me find the right car. Translating countless auction sheets, messaging sellers, requesting vehicle inspections, putting up with me and my requests well after his time in the office, etc. I can happily and honestly say that I would recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase a car from Japan and that you will not be dissappinted. Very kind, helpful and professional. Can’t wait for vehicle number 3.

    thumb Tanner Himmel

    review rating 5  Mathew and the team are amazing. Bought my first Porsche in Japan and they have helped me all the way through. They are competent and honest people, will definitely be doing more business with them. Thanks guys!

    thumb Dami Eugi

    review rating 5  Mat is is the best he was right on target and video descriptions are perfect. Shipping was alot faster than I thought it would be, as JCD didn't mess around. My van was at port and ready to go. I will be using JCD again soon, got my van now I want a car.

    thumb Lee Frye
  • review rating 5  I hunted the internet for a broker I could trust with my money. JDC won and I am so happy I went with them. Matt and Yoshi are great. Matt puts up with a very demanding customer in me, I can certainly take up time. Matt sends me cars from the list I sent him, when I don't have time to check the auction. It is scary how accurate Matt is when I ask him to predict a selling price. He is always very close which sometimes is not fun but he really does know pricing. They have walked we through buying two cars now and have held my hand on both. I really apricate all the time and knowledge. After purchase they have also held my hand through the whole import process which can be daunting for a first timer. I am a dealer and Matt is great at suggesting other cars to import as well. I am very satisfied with my choice

    thumb John Holmes

    review rating 5  What can I say? The service was friendly and good, and I got my car, which ended up being in a better condition than expected. Sure, there were couple of unforeseen snags that no-one had anticipated, but overall, it was an extremely positive experience. Hommat meni hyvin, auto tuli Suomeen eikä noiden pyytämä hintakaan ollut mikään mahdottoman paha.

    thumb metziih

    review rating 5  I bought a 1993 RX7 FD from these guys they are great! Communication was very good, and prompt! Iv has my car now for 6 months and have been loving it! I would recommend emailing them and looking into the options! They are upfront about price and will steer you into the right direction on what the car will take to own! I’m working with Yoshiro to buy another car now! I’m very pleased with the service I received. It can be scary sending lots of money to a person you don’t know for a car you have never seen, but they will come through with everything they tell you they will do!

    thumb Spencer David
  • review rating 5  They've somehow made what was expected to be complicated, so simple. I got all the info I needed and imported my first JDM car without a single problem. Matthew was super fast to respond and always had an answer.

    thumb Elliott Riggen

    review rating 5  A must for exporting cars from Japan. I've exported various models with these guys now and they have been exactly how we wanted them with no underlying issues or surprises when they arrive. Very pleased and will continue to use these guys in the future!

    thumb Callum Underwood

    review rating 5  This was my first time importing a vehicle for my personal use and naturally I was leary about who to go through. After looking through a few other places and after getting in touch with a longtime customer of theirs I decided to try these guys out. I can say without a doubt I'm glad I did. They are definitely professional and know their craft when it comes to getting you your dream car. Everything from getting cars inspected and bidding was completely transparent and went smoothly. I couldn't be happier with the car I bought and I hope down the line I'll be able to purchase another using these guys!! Thanks for all you guys do!!!

    thumb Kevin Heidari
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