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Nissan Silvia 1996

A cult classic in Japan’s tuning and drifting scenes, this easy-to-modify JDM turbocharged speed demon even dominates Tsukuba Circuit lap times. What a car!
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Year: 1996
Mileage: 154,700km
Transmission: 5MT
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine: 2.0L Turbo
Exterior Color: White
VIN Number: S14-134***

The Nissan Silvia is easy to fall in love with, especially if you’re into drifting, because its front-engine, rear-drive layout and extremely lightweight body with long wheelbase and near 50:50 weight distribution make it perfect for the sport. Moreover, there are myriad available parts for tuning Silvias, including two-way differentials for drifting (that lock during acceleration and braking) and countless options for raising horsepower well beyond 300 hp.

Silvias are among the most popular vehicles for street racing in countries like Japan, Australia and Malaysia. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift has millions of Americans dying to get their hands on a Silvia S15, but they must wait until the model is at least 25 years old, or settle for older models like the S12 and early S13. In a famous case of “can’t wait” syndrome, an American was slapped with a huge fine for smuggling his dream S15. So be sure to follow the rules!

Silvias were also quite successful in motorsports over the years. This includes the World Rally Championship in the late 1980s, IMSA GT (GTU class) in the 1990s, the All-Japan Grand Touring Car Championship, and drift car competition in the 2000s — in which Silvias won seven D1 Grand Prix championships! As of late 2015, a modified Silvia S15 also holds the record for the fastest lap time at Tsukuba Circuit.

The Nissan Silvia was produced between 1964 and 2002. Most models were coupes, but there were also a couple of convertibles and hatchback variations. The very first model was an expensive hand-built coupe, based on the Fairlady convertible, that sold only in Japan. Its name was derived from the warbler (small bird) genus, sylvia. Numerous variations followed between 1974 and 2002, when the final Silvia was produced. These included the S10, S110, Gazelle, 240RS, S12, S13, S14 and S15 in Spec-S, Spec-R and other variations.

The great looking 1996 Silvia S14 in the accompanying photos has an attractive low, wide body with beautiful lines, aggressive headlights and a large rear wing for increased downforce. The interior is comfortable and functional, with sporty meters. The car is powered by a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbo engine with N-VCT variable cam timing for the intake valves and a 4-speed automatic / 5-speed manual transmission. As you can see, it’s in beautiful condition with minimal modifications, making it a dream for those seeking to tune a Silvia themselves.

It’s fair to say the best deals on Nissan Silvias are right here in Japan where you can find the best JDM models in excellent condition at reasonable prices. Shop around internationally, compare for yourself, and we’re confident you’ll agree. At Japan Car Direct, our dedicated team can keep you informed of suitable vehicles on auction each week in Japan, arrange for professional third-party inspections, ensure all of your questions are answered, place bids on your behalf, inform you of every detail after successful bids, and arrange for the vehicle’s transportation to your nearest port. We are here for you every step of the way, and aim to make the entire process easy and enjoyable.

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    Alpesh Patel Avatar
    Alpesh Patel

    Great service. This was my first time importing a car from Japan. Everything was well explained and the whole process went very smooth. Would highly recommend!! Thank you Yoshi!

    John Power Avatar
    John Power

    Importing through Japan Car Direct has been a great experience through and through. Their assistance in the auction and bidding process and arranging shipping is top notch. More importantly their... read more

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    Peter Hagemeyer
  • Awesome experience working with Taylor, he was extremely helpful and patience. It was my first time exporting a vehicle and he walked me through step by step and didn't... read more

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    Eric Southerland

    Japan Car Direct made buying a car from Japan dangerously easy. 🙂 Yoshiro was a great help. He was responsive and supportive through the whole process. They have... read more

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    Tim Meunier

    I had an excellent experience working with Matthew at Japan Car Direct. I was a first time auction buyer and importer to the United States. Mathew walked me through... read more

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    Alex Spiegel
  • A great experience for my first time importing a car from Japan. Mike’s customer service was second to none and all the paperwork was in order.

    Bobby Crumpley Avatar
    Bobby Crumpley

    Matthew at JCD is the man. I’ve now imported three of my own cars through him. JCD was able to accommodate my unique needs, everything from short turn around inspections,... read more

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    Chan Shin

    I highly recommend Japan Car Direct. They help you find exactly what you are looking for and are with you throughout the entire process. Import was seamless. Mike was great... read more

    Sir Selrahc Avatar
    Sir Selrahc
  • Before this I have never imported any vehicles to NZ let alone one from Japan! I decided to give these guys a shot and bought a JDM Tesla into the... read more

    Edward Yuan Avatar
    Edward Yuan

    Great experience. Extremely easy process and Kept me well informed. Highly recommend them if looking to purchase a vehicle from Japan.

    Antonio Sevilla Avatar
    Antonio Sevilla

    It's hard to say anything that hasn't been said from other reviewers! This was my first experience importing a vehicle. Mike Nguyen was super patient with me and my indecisiveness.... read more

    Law_of_the Za Avatar
    Law_of_the Za
  • I used Japan Car Direct's services to import a Nissan Silvia from Japan to Australia. Mike was very helpful from start to finish and definitely made the process stress free.

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    matthew martin Avatar
    matthew martin

    Just picked up my car that I bought through JCD. I was a complete newbie about buying a car overseas and Mathew was kind enough to basically hold my... read more

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    TK Mad

    I worked with Mathew on getting my first Japanese Kei truck. The process and communication were great. For me the back-and-forth communication was the reason why I decided to go... read more

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    John Penny

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