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BMW X3 2010

Luxury but no fat. Class but not crass. An AWD SUV with excellent handling and all-weather, all-conditions capability. If that’s what you want, then it’s a BMW X3 that you go for.
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Year: 2010
Make: BMW
Model: X3
Mileage: 23500 km
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Gasoline

When a famous maker of luxury and high quality cars decides to make something like the X3, you know that you are going to win. It’s not just another SUV. No, Sir. Yet another crossover? Not at all, Madam. The BMW X3 is the perfect compact luxury crossover SUV. At 1,855mm wide it’s not too big and at 1,800kgs kerb weight it’s not too heavy; yet it has the luxury and solid build that is pure BMW.

The clean lines and, especially, the simple, yet comfortable interior are just right for someone who wants all-weather, all-road, all-situation ability combined with comfort and just the right amount of luxury without crass ostentation. Again, pure BMW.

The four wheel drive system is one of the most sophisticated and, fully automatically, distributes power between the front and rear axles as required by the road surface and conditions. This, plus the light weight for a vehicle of this class, helps to achieve the excellent handling that BMW was targeting with the X3.

Importing a fine machine like this BWM X3 from Japan to the Cayman Islands (where this beautiful silver example is headed) is not a complex process and is a very good way to get a quality used German luxury SUV for a good price. The low mileage on this X3 and its overall good condition is the norm for the second hand German cars that we source here in Japan. And not just for the Cayman Islands, needless to say, but also for our customers in Taiwan, Poland, and Holland where we have exported a lot of fairly late model German iron in the last few years. People worldwide are coming to realize that buying a used German car (BMW, Benz, Audi, etc.) from Japan, either from the Japanese used car auctions or from the specialist dealers, is the way to go for both quality and value.

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    Phil Stebbing
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    Dmitri Gordei
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    Ryan White
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    Michael Jones

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    Adam Fifield

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    Derek Rucker Avatar
    Derek Rucker

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