R35 GT-R Police Car

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R35 GT-R Police Car

Nissan Motor Co Ltd. announced earlier this month that a Nissan R35 GT-R was headed to Tochigi Prefecture Police Department for use as a police car.  The police car was made possible through a generous private donation for this purpose and its price tag is an estimated 12,000,000 Yen ($109,000 USD).  Its main purpose will be to serve as a public outreach vehicle but it is also expected to see actual service on roads such as the Tohoku Expressway, which connects Tokyo to Northern Japan

R35 GT-R Police Car

R35 GT-R Police Car

First introduced in 2007, the R35 GT-R, powered by the twin turbocharged VR38DETT V6 engine, produces a claimed 545 hp at 6400 rpm.  The engine is connected to a rear mounted Borg Warner designed twin clutch semi-automatic 6 speed transmission and delivers power to all four wheels.  Top speed is a claimed 196 mph with 0-60 mph times around 2.7 seconds using “launch mode”.  Currently, the fastest time for a production GT-R around the famed Nurburgring in Germany is 7:08:68 (GT-R NISMO N-Attack) good enough for 8th fastest road-legal production vehicle on track record.  It is expected that the next generation GT-R will carry a gas electric hybrid engine making the R35 the last of the pure gas powered GT-R.

On June 15th, am unveiling ceremony was held with Nissan officials, representatives of the Tochigi Police Department and Prefecture representatives.  Nissan presented a large key to the vehicle to Tomikazu Fukuda, the governor of Tochigi Prefecture.  The car is painted in the traditional white and black with “Tochigi Police Department” and “Police” displayed prominently on the sides and the back.  The license plate number is also “110” in reference to the emergency phone number in Japan.  The rear “Nissan” logo usually seen on the back of the trunk has been removed, perhaps in order to not mar the writing.

R35 GT-R Police Car

R35 GT-R Police Car

Masasaki Tanaka, the Commander of the Expressway Traffic Unit, said that his unit would be using the vehicle and that there was much excitement over the GT-R from members of his unit.  He vowed to take good care of the vehicle and to maximize it’s use to prevent accidents from occurring.

The General Manager of the General Affairs department of the Nissan Tochigi Plant also thanked the donor, as well as bring up that this year was the 50th anniversary of Nissan’s plant in the prefecture.  He expressed hopes that this vehicle will be used to insure the safety of the people of the prefecture as well as increasing interest in vehicles among young people.

The next day, Prefecture Resident Day (holiday), the GT-R saw its first official duty while being displayed at the Tochigi Prefecture Office.  It’s official first day on the road was June 18th.

Tochigi Prefecture Police Department has in the past had other non-standard police vehicles such as the Nissan Fairlady Z and the Honda NSX.  Police car enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for an event in which all three vehicles can be seen at the same time.

R35 GT-R Police Car: Honda NSX Police Car

Honda NSX Police Car

R35 GT-R Police Car: Nissan Fairlady Z Police Car

Nissan Fairlady Z Police Car

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Vehicle Search Engine: Over 150,000 vehicles at auction weekly, plus thousands more on dealer lots.
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