Travis M

Travis M

Hey Matt! Got the cruiser today. The broker you recommended was great and import went smoothly. Learned to always bring a portable jump starter hahaha, other than that smooth sailing. The truck is awesome! Travis M

William and Xavier Zuccon

Hi Matt and Happy New Year! The Toyota AE86 arrived today. She’s a beauty – highly original and in astonishingly good condition for her near 40 years. Drives well and everything works (it’s a Toyota after all!) You did a wonderful job for us all round which we much appreciate. AutoHub did it’s part equally […]

Edwin D

I got the car! It’s amazing, thank you so much to everyone at Japan Car Direct for all the help. I couldn’t be happier. Edwin D


Yoshi The GT-R arrived last Sunday, and we picked it up yesterday. Great vehicle, exactly as represented! Thank you for the amazing advice, honesty, and a very smooth transaction. I look forward to buying some additional vehicles in the future. Best, Tim

Jay Blair

Hey Matt! JZX100 arrived and I love it!! Thanks for your service. No issues with import. Fresh deposit sent. Let`s get after the next one! Jay Blair