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1991 Sambar Try Van

Vehicle Description

We have a new van in stock, the Subaru Sambar Try Van!!
This is the fifth generation Subaru van which features the E07 4 cylinder, rear-mounted engine. Two versions of the Try were produced: the RJ and the XS. The RJ is a carburated with an output of 40HP at 5.5/3500 kg・m/rpm. The XS is the superchared package with intercooler and that version sports an output of 55HP at 7.1/3800 kg・m/rpm. Subaru is the only Kei manufacuter in this era to produce a 4 cylinder engine. 4wd/2wd are available in AT or MT Transmission
The spacious interior features include AC, sunroof, dual rear armrests, and rear cup holders. The engines rear location creates a quieter and cooler atmosphere compared to other models. This one is a 4wd 5-speed manual RJ Extra. It comes with AC and is in fantastic condition. The odometer has not rolled over. Inquire today!!

Vehicle Specifications

  • Model: Sambar Try
  • Registration Date: 1991
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Mileage: 102,000km
  • Condition: 4 B
  • Exterior Color: Navy
  • Interior Color: Light blue
  • Engine: E07
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