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1991 Subaru Sambar SC

Vehicle Description

4wd!! AC!! Rear Diff!! Supercharger!!! The only thing rarer is a unicorn driving one!! This Sambar recently passed Japanese road inspection and we had it serviced at our mechanic's as well. All new oil seals and she's running tip top. All the options are fully functional and mileage is accurate. There is some slight undercarriage surface rust with some small exterior dents and scratches. There are some splits in the driver seat seams, but other wise your standard wear and tear for a 26 year old utility vehicle. Tire still have some life in them but we can always have a new set of Supper Digger tires put on for you prior to shipping. The truck was in a slight right side accident: the driver door was replace and the pillars and side floor were repaired well.

Vehicle Specifications

  • Model: Sambar
  • Running Status: Good
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Mileage: 40,000 miles
  • Condition: 3.5 B
  • Transmission: 5 MT
  • Engine: EN07 Supercharged
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