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Japanese Campers (Part 1)

Motor Homes, Van Conversions, and Mini Campers Compact but Packed (With Features) If you live in the USA or Canada or Australia, with their big, wide, endless roads and you want to buy a used camper van, why import one from Japan? And if you are in the U.K. or...
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What is the Best Kei Truck to Export from Japan? (Part 3)

Now let’s climb into that little Sambar truck that came to us as a courtesy car and have a feel of what it’s like to drive on and off road. Sitting in the cab of the Sambar, you’ll note the big front picture window that seems like a mini version...
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What is the Best Kei Truck to Export from Japan? (Part 2)

My friend had been boasting to me for a while about his 2000 model 4WD Suzuki Carry mini truck. He knows that when it comes to light 4WD and off-road vehicles, I’m into Suzuki Jimnys (I’ve had three) and Mitsubishi Pajero Minis (I’m on my first one now and am...
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What is the Best Kei Truck to Export from Japan? (Part 1)

For guys who are thinking of buying a Japanese kei truck, or kei van, one of the first questions that comes up is: “What is the best kei truck / van?” This is not an easy question to answer. One guy will just say: “Suzuki is the best. End of...
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Settle for nothing less than AMG — secondhand from Japan

For some car aficionados, a Mercedes-Benz isn’t enough because they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there’s something even better. Mercedes-AMG. The passion to own a Mercedes-AMG only intensifies when headlines proclaim the launch of a new model like the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 4MATIC+. But the price tag...
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Japanese Kei Sports Cars, Part 2

The first Japanese Kei Sports car that I drove came to me as a courtesy car. You might think that it’s crazy, giving a garage customer a turbo-charged, intercooled mini rocket as a courtesy car; and, after I drove that 1993 Suzuki Alto Works i.e., I thought it was a...
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Import your dream used Porsche 911 from Japan (Part 1)

Used Porsche 911s are always in demand! In Japan, almost any model dating back to the 1960s can be found at lower prices than just about anywhere else in the world. They are also in better condition because Japanese treasure their JDM foreign cars like babies. In Japan, almost any...
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Classic Mini Festival at Fuji Speedway

What a great weekend of races and car watching at Fuji Speedway! And all Minis. Classic Minis, Minis, Minis everywhere. Austin minis, Rover Minis, Morris versions and Riley Elfs and Wolseley Hornets; and not a BMW Mini anywhere in sight. It was the Classic Mini Festival celebrating 60 Years of...
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Japanese Kei Sports Cars, Part 1

People around the world are finding out how good Japanese Kei cars are, and these days we are shipping a lot of Kei vehicles overseas: Kei trucks, Kei vans, and Kei sports cars; to the USA, to the UK, to Canada, to Australia, and to countries of the European Union....
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Great used JDM cars you can import to the USA now or next year (part 1)

The early 1990s were an exciting time in Japanese automotive history. Car lovers in Japan had a lot to be thrilled about 25 years ago in the early to mid 1990s. Even residents not terribly interested in automobiles were energized by the Japanese automotive scene. I was there as an...
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