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Suzuki Jimny (Part 3)

Looking Back So We Can See Forward In our previous two articles about the Suzuki Jimny light 4WD vehicle that we have posted here on our Japan Car Direct blog (you'll find them here and here) we talked about the early history of the Jimny, starting with the little Hope...
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Five More Fantastic Japan Domestic Market Vehicles, 15 Years Old in 2020

Five More Fantastic Japan Domestic Market Vehicles, 15 Years Old in 2020 2005 was a great year for new cars in the Japanese market and we covered four recommended models in part 1 of this series. In part 2, we introduce five more fantastic models that many Canadian enthusiasts will...
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European Supercars from Japan – Part 3

Why is the Porsche 911 so cool? What is it that gives this car its undeniable special charm? Do you have a rich uncle? How are the above three questions related? O.K. Let’s start. I do have a rich uncle. Built his business right from the bottom up, he did....
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European Supercars from Japan – Part 2

But what is a “supercar”? How would you define it? Is it, in fact, even possible to come up with a definition that all car lovers will agree with? I’m not sure, but let me give you my own boyhood definition of “supercar” and how I arrived at the definition....
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European Supercars from Japan – Part 1

I’ve had such great access to supercars since I came to Japan. Generous friends and acquaintances in the “car scene” here have let me spend time with their treasured, magic machines. And they are magic; pure mechanical magic. Even their names are magic: Lamborghini, Lotus, Ferrari, Mclaren; Countach, 348, 355,...
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Four great JDM cars you can finally import to Canada

Many More 15 year old models available today! Every year, more JDM vehicles become 15 years old, making them legally importable to Canada from Japan. In this article, we present four great JDM models that finally come of age. They range from an exhilarating sports car to an exceptionally practical...
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Five great JDM European cars that are 25 in 2020

Many great JDM European cars are reaching their 25th birthday in 2020 — which means you can legally import them to your home country even if you live in the United States. Japan may not be the first market that comes to mind when searching for a used European car....
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Minitruck Options Part 2

In our first blog post here about Minitruck Options we looked at Scissors Lifts, Dump Beds, and the Four Wheel Drive systems that you can get on the Japanese kei trucks that you can import from Japan. Now what about the available transmissions? Transmission Options Back in the day (wow!...
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Minitruck Options Part 1

Simple. Cheap. Capable. Reliable. A simple, traditional, (ladder-frame) truck body. Low running costs (good on gas and inexpensive parts). Good load capacity and off road ability (you’ll be amazed what it can carry and where it can go). Reliability (just goes and goes and needs little care or attention). That’s...
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Japanese Kei Sports Cars, Part 4

Two Really Fine Post-October-1998 Japanese Kei Sports Cars You’ll recall that in our second post on Japanese Kei Sports cars here we talked about the changes in Kei Car specification rules after October of 1998: basically Kei cars all get 10cm (just less than four inches) longer, and 8cm (just over...
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